I am a McKinney and Plano, Texas bankruptcy attorney. My entire legal practice is devoted to helping individuals obtain relief from their debt. Bankruptcy may allow you to stop:

  • Repossession of your vehicle
  • Foreclosure of your home
  • Creditor harrassment
  • Garnishment of your wages
  • Pending lawsuits
  • Seizure of your property

Bankruptcy is a legal way to eliminate debt and protect property from creditors. After filing bankruptcy you receive immediate relief from your debt, and upon finishing your bankruptcy case your dischargeable debt is eliminated permanently. Unlike debt settlement or debt consolidation, bankruptcy isn’t dependent on the cooperation of your creditors.

I Offer Free Consultations to Discuss Your Financial Situation

I don’t charge to meet with people to discuss their financial situation. Since you are considering filing bankruptcy then I know that money is tight. I may be able to help you with your financial situation, but you’ll never know if you don’t speak with me. I offer free consultations because I don’t want you to not get the help you need because you can’t afford to talk to someone about your financial problems.

Call 972-905-9634 to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer

I offer high-quality legal services to my clients. I don’t charge an hourly rate for bankruptcy representation. I charge a flat fee so my clients know what the bankruptcy case will cost them before they hire me. If you hire me you will find out that I call my clients back the same day, respond to emails quickly, offer excellent customer service, and treat my clients with the respect they deserve.