Who I Am

My name is Nathan Graham. I am an attorney representing debtors in McKinney and Plano, Texas, in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. This is the sole focus of my legal practice. I find representing debtors in bankruptcy cases to be very satisfying. I like helping people, and feel that when I finish representing my clients their lives have been improved for the better.

I have experience representing thousands of debtor in bankruptcy cases. I have seen firsthand how difficult struggling with debt can be and how a person’s life can be turned around simply be removing the stress and frustration associated with debt. I try to make my client’s experience with bankrutpcy as easy as possible. I explain each step in the bankruptcy process so that my clients feel in control of their situation. My clients have my cell phone number and know that they can call me at night or on the weekend if an emergency arises.

Practicing law is my second career. After college I worked in a customer service position for several years before going to law school. In that role I learned how important it is to provide good service to my clients. I continue to employ the skills I learned before becoming a lawyer in my legal practice. As a result, a large portion of my clients are referred to me by former and existing clients. I offer my clients free consultations and I don’t use high pressure tactics to “close” them. I understand that every situation is different and that bankruptcy is not the best solution for everyone. If you do hire me to be your attorney, I will do my best to earn your trust in me by providing you with high quality legal services at an affordable price.