Plano TX Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you being harrassed by creditors in Plano, Texas? Debt collectors don’t just file lawsuits, foreclose on homes, and repossess vehicles. Sometimes they call your employer, family members, and neighbors in an attempt to force you to pay debts. They may call you in the middle of the night, use profanity, or threaten you with jail time. Many of these debt collection practices are against the law! Unfortunately, many creditors don’t follow federal and state laws governing collection of debt.

Filing Bankruptcy Stops Debt Collectors

Even creditors who ignore laws affecting their ability to collect debt understand that they have to leave a debtor in bankruptcy alone. When you file bankruptcy a federal injunction goes into place. This injunction is the automatic stay. The automatic stay prevents creditors from contacting debtors to collect debts incurred before the bankruptcy case was filed. The automatic stay will prevent:

  • Repossession of your car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Foreclosure of your house
  • Wage garnishment
  • Collection calls and other types of creditor harrassment
  • Lawsuits being filed against you
  • Liens being attached to your property

In addition, the bankruptcy case will allow you to permanently discharge many types of debts which means that you are no longer required to pay the debt.

Free Consultations with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Plano, TX

Bankruptcy isn’t the best option for everyone, but for many people it allows a way to protect property and obtain relief from debt. I offer free consultations, during which I will explain the bankruptcy process in detail and determine whether it is a good option for you. If you decide to file bankruptcy I will quote you an affordable price for representation. I also offer payment plans.

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If you hire me to be your attorney I will work hard to give you the best oppoturnity to be successful in your bankruptcy case. I will be attentive to your individual needs and concerns. I am not a high volume filer of bankruptcy cases. I limit the number of clients I accept so that I can do a good job for each and every one of my clients. As a result, many of my clients are referred to me by former and existing clients. Call me at 972-905-9634 to take your first step towards a fresh start.