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Teaching Money Management Skills to Children

Many parents have the attitude that household finances are none of their children’s business. I agree with this position to a certain extent. Children don’t need to know all the gritty details about the finances of the household. Kids shouldn’t have to experience the stress that their parents feel when struggling with debt and a […]

Getting Divorced While in Bankruptcy

When joint filers in a bankruptcy case get divorced while the case is pending bankruptcy attorneys sometimes become powerless in their ability to work on the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy attorney owes a duty to each of the filers and parties to a divorce often give contradictory instructions to their bankruptcy attorney. For example, consider […]

Simple Ways to Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

My grandparents used to tell me to save ten percent of what I earn for a rainy day. This is such a simple concept that makes life so much easier if you follow it. Spending everything you earn leaves you with no way to cope with unexpected expenses like medical bills, car repairs or insurance […]

Behind on your Mortgage: Loan Modification or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When a homeowner is behind on their mortgage payment, they may be able to cure their mortgage arrears through a loan modification or by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Which is the better choice depends on the homeowner’s specific situation. In analyzing this type of situation I begin with the interest rate on the existing mortgage. […]

Denial of Loan Modification May Still Provide Debtor Some Relief

Loan modifications are very popular right now but not because of a high success rate. Applying for a loan modification can be a long process. Homeowners submit loan applications and supporting documents and wait months only to be told that the mortgage company needs additional documents. In the end many loan modifications are denied and […]