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Can I Be Sued After My Bankruptcy Case is Over?

As a bankruptcy attorney I spend a lot of time explaining how my clients’ lives will change after they file bankruptcy.  But what happens once a bankruptcy case is completed?  It depends on whether the case was dismissed early or was successfully completed.  Successfully completing a bankruptcy case usually means that the debtor has received a discharge order. […]

Tips for Paying Down Debt

If you are reading this article then you are already taking the most important step in paying off your debt. You are getting educated in how to pay off your debt faster. There are good ways and bad ways to pay off debt. First, if you have multiple credit cards with balances, pay the minimum […]

Understanding the Consequences of Co-signing a Debt

When a family member or close friend comes to you and asks that you co-sign a debt for them, it can be difficult to say no. It’s kind of an awkward position. If you say no you are basically telling them that you don’t believe they can be trusted to repay the debt. At least […]

Don’t Cash in that 401(k)!

If you lost your job, have had unexpected medical expenses, or a reduction of hours at work, you are probably struggling with paying your bills. You may be looking at ways to keep up with paying your monthly expenses, and if you have a 401(k) you may be considering cashing it in to pay debt […]

Understanding the Danger of Personally Guaranteeing Business Debt

You may have seen commercials on television or heard advertisements on the radio about incorporating a business. Incorporation has several disadvantages which include complicated rules and an increase in tax liability. However, it has one very big advantage. When a person incorporates their business the corporation becomes a separate legal entity. All debts incurred by […]