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The Bankruptcy Discharge

The discharge order is the ultimate goal in bankruptcy for most debtors. The discharge order permanently prevents collection of debts by creditors of dischargeable debts listed in the bankruptcy case. Most types of debts can be discharged. However, there are a few notable exceptions, which include student loans, criminal fines, child support, and income taxes. […]

About the Automatic Stay

When a bankruptcy petition is filed, an injunction goes into place. This injunction is called the automatic stay. The automatic stay prevents creditors from collecting debts that were incurred before the bankrutpcy case was filed. It goes into effect the minute the case is filed. In fact, the notice of bankruptcy filing provided to every […]

Filing Bankruptcy Separately or Jointly

Married couples can file bankruptcy jointly, but it is not a requirement. If a married person wants to file bankruptcy but their spouse does not want to file, then they can file the bankruptcy case in their own name only. There may be very good reasons for choosing to file separately. Perhaps only one spouse […]

Bankruptcy: Initial Document Filings

A bankruptcy case is initiated by filing the bankruptcy petition. The petition provides basic information about the debtor including their name, address, and a list of prior bankruptcy filings. However that isn’t the only document that must be filed. Debtors must file a set of schedules that disclose their assets, creditors, parties who share liability […]

Applying for Waiver of Court Filing Fee

There are costs associated with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. These include attorney’s fees, ordering a credit report, taking a credit counseling course, and paying the court’s filing fee. Some debtors can file an application with the court in order to avoid paying the court filing fee. However, the eligibility requirements for waiver of the filing […]