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Bankruptcy: What is a Motion to Extend Deadlines?

There are many different deadlines in bankruptcy cases. These deadlines include but are not limited to the time allowed to file objections to confirmation, objections to claims, notice of hearings, and proof of claims. When a party to the bankruptcy believes they are going to miss a deadline they can ask the court for additional […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What is a Motion to Extend Automatic Stay?

In most bankruptcy cases the automatic stay goes into effect upon filing the bankruptcy case and stays in effect until the case is dismissed or closed after discharge. However, if a debtor filed a Chapter 13 case which was dismissed and then files a second Chapter 13 case within one year of the dismissal date […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Motion to Dismiss

A motion is a document filed with a court requesting an order. Motions can be filed for all sorts of reasons including requests to dismiss Chapter 13 cases. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases motions to dismiss are usually filed by the trustee. A trustee may file this type of motion for several different reasons. The […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Objections to Confirmation

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors propose a plan to repay all or part of their debt. The plan states the names of the creditors, the amount owed on the claim, the interest rate, value of the collateral securing claims, and the treatment the creditor will be provided in the bankruptcy case. Secured creditors, priority creditors, […]

Purchasing a Car While in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Most things are simpler after a debtor files Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The creditors stop calling, the debtors no longer have to fear that their vehicle will be repossessed or home foreclosed, and their credit slowly starts to improve because they have established a budget and are able to pay their bills on time. Life in […]