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Credit Cards: Over the Limit Without Charging

If you have a credit card you probably know that when you go over the credit limit bad things happen. Exceeding the limit can result in fees, increases in your interest rate, and dings on your credit report, and one instance of going over your credit limit can result in all of your credit cards […]

Credit Unions and Cross-Collateralization of Loans

Borrowing money is seldom a simple process. You may need to go to several lenders before you are approved for a loan, and by the time the process is completed you are so relieved to be getting the money that you sign the documents without reading them. Don’t be embarrassed because you are not the […]

Marriage and Debt

In community property states, when you get married your new spouse’s debt doesn’t automatically become your debt but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you. In Texas, creditors may be able to collect debt from assets that are community property. Community property consists of most assets that are acquired during the marriage. So you may […]

Illegal Debt Collection

Recently I have heard more complaints from clients about illegal debt collection activities. Last week a client told me that a collection agent called his employer to inform him that his employee is a deadbeat. This type of harassment is illegal. Debt collectors are limited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in how they […]

Foreclosure Rates Still Low in Texas

Foreclosure rates are low in Texas compared with the rest of the nation. Nationally, foreclosure sales accounted for 23 percent of homes sold in 2011. In Texas, foreclosure sales only accounted for 9.9 percent of home sales while in Nevada they made up 54.1 percent of all home sales. As startling as these statistics are […]