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Strategic Default Under Texas Law

A strategic default is when the owner of real property intentionally stops making mortgage payments and allows the property to be foreclosed. The benefits of doing this depend on the state in which the property is located. Each state has laws which govern a mortgage lender’s ability to collect a deficiency following foreclosure of property. […]

Suspension of License for Failing to Satisfy Texas Judgment

Losing a lawsuit may result in a judgment against the defendant for money damages. In many states having a judgment against you doesn’t mean much. State exemptions protect debtors from losing many of their assets to creditors. Homestead exemptions prevent a creditor from taking a judgment lien against the debtor’s home. However, in Texas the […]

Kristen Bell’s Home Foreclosed

Kristen Bell was the star of the television show “Veronica Mars” and several popular movies. With those roles came a lot of money, but having money doesn’t give someone the common sense needed to manage it. In 2006, Ms. Bell purchased a 4,000 square foot home in Studio City, California. At the time she bought […]

Managing Your Money

Saving money can be difficult when income is limited but there are some simple tricks that can be used to end the month with money in your pocket. First, you should create a budget. Be realistic about your expenses. Compare your budget to your actual expenses each month. Use your bank statements and credit card […]

Bankruptcy Can Improve Your Credit Score

There are a lot of horror stories online about how filing bankruptcy will ruin your credit rating forever. If you look closely at these web sites, and do the research to find out who actually owns the web site, you will probably find out that it is owned by a credit card company, mortgage lender, […]