Kristen Bell’s Home Foreclosed

Kristen Bell was the star of the television show “Veronica Mars” and several popular movies. With those roles came a lot of money, but having money doesn’t give someone the common sense needed to manage it. In 2006, Ms. Bell purchased a 4,000 square foot home in Studio City, California. At the time she bought this property it was reportedly valued at $3.1 million. Earlier this month the home was sold for $2.6 million at a foreclosure sale.

It is unclear what caused her to default on her mortgage loan. A short review of her profile on shows that since purchasing her home in Studio City she has been busy on television shows like “Gossip Girls” and “House of Lies”, and has been seen in several movies. She doesn’t appear to be unemployed. Perhaps she simply forgot to pay her mortgage. This isn’t inconceivable. If Ms. Bell was on a movie set for six months and was expecting an agent or assistant to take care of paying her mortgage, the mortgage could have gone from current to foreclosure in a few short months. In Texas, homes can be foreclosed within three to four months if the mortgage company is paying attention and moves quickly upon default. This is all speculation though. If we want to know what really happened to her home we would have to ask Ms. Bell.

The lesson here is that even rich and famous people have to pay their bills. But don’t worry for Ms. Bell. She is an excellent actress and has several movies currently in production, so despite this setback she probably won’t find herself homeless any time soon.